World Blood Donor Day

by Hearts News

June 14th is World Blood Donor Day!

Anyone who knows me knows that I donate blood every 56 days. Not only can donating blood save a life but it forces my body to regenerate new cells. It’s a win-win!

The process for me is not quick nor is it pleasant due to my rolling veins that want to close the door once a needle forces its way in. I’ve actually become quite fond of the blood bus though that comes downtown once a week.

There’s a World Out There That Needs Your Help

I know when I walk in, I’ll be greeted by a friendly face, I’ll get a free blood pressure check to see what my stress level is at the moment, and I’ll get a squeezy toy. Then I’ll sit back and focus on an inanimate object outside the window until they find a vein that wants to cooperate.

Sometimes the most unpleasant things are the most meaningful because it forces you to become acutely aware that there’s a world out there that needs your help. A few minutes of discomfort could mean an extension of life for someone. Worth it?

Donate Blood on World Blood Donor Day, or Any Day

The day this picture was taken was a donating day when my blood wouldn’t cooperate. It would stop flowing unless they kept adjusting the needle every few minutes. Ouchy wa wa! Apparently, it had no problem free flowing outside the needle.

And out of that, I got what I know will be one of my favorite
accidental and natural hearts of all time… a true blood red heart.

My heart bleeds for you. Be more compassionate. Give back in any way you can!

Give the gift of life: donate blood!

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