Time to ‘Heart’ Barcelona

by Hearts News

I’m excited to embark on a little journey to Barcelona Spain and of course I’ll be on the lookout for what nature’s beauty will look like. Will I find more hearts there because my mind is free from the workday distractions? Or will I find more because the energy is different? Will they appear in more unique or unexpected places? I am going with a completely open mind and heart, ready for a new adventure.

Barcelona with a Best Friend

The best friend I’m traveling with is a hobby photographer so I’m hoping we can combine efforts to find more natural hearts than I ever have in a short period of time. It’ll be a fun mission and to bring back the memories of looking for them will be priceless.

Barcelona Bucket List

Writing my HEARTS books was on my bucket list. CHECK!

I found this article about a bucket list of things to do in Barcelona. Sign me up!

Barcelona on the Heart

I’ve always loved traveling and immersing myself into new cultures. While Barcelona is known for its masterpieces of many great architects, I know its natural elements will exceed my expectations.

Now that I’m on this journey to feel and attach meaning to nature’s way of showing love, it makes this trip that much more special.

Adéu Per Ara!

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