Spring has sprung. Let’s find love in nature!

by Weekly Heart Image

Spring has sprung. The flowers will soon bloom.

This is the first of many hearts that will be shared between us.
It’s all about spreading love and to remember that it’s true.

The universal shape of love is a heart. The more you’re reminded of it, the more you’ll see it.
Nature is sending a symbolic message to you.

Hearts are everywhere. Are you seeing them? If you’ve forgotten the simple joys of using your imagination or being open to Mother Nature’s heart, then let’s take a life detour and reintroduce the lost art.

My ask is for you to be part of this passion project by forwarding my hearts and sending me yours.
We’re better together so let’s take this journey with a humble start and see what doors are opened when we welcome in love’s positive energy and let the negative depart.

…and off on a hike we go…to find our heart and soul.

~ Jenny Lynne

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