Pardon Day – September 8th

by Hearts News

Pardon Day is a day to remember that etiquette and courtesy are essential elements of a successful day. With the hustle and bustle of our busy days, don’t even try to deny that it’s somewhat of a lost art.

Bear with me while I try to prove to myself that my manners haven’t completely packed their bags and abandoned me. I’m taking this opportunity to beg your pardon on three situations where I’ve committed a wrongdoing or violation of proper adult behavior.

Pardon #1

Dear yoga lady, please pardon me and my retched glare and possible inappropriate gesture to you after you went around me and took my parking spot while you knew I was waiting for it first. Namaste.

Pardon #2

Please forgive me for losing my temper on the sweet and patient customer service representative who was calmly trying to help me find a missing transaction that I desperately needed a receipt for but come to find I called the wrong bank and was looking in the wrong account. Talk about displaced anger. I should glue my tail between my legs.

Photo by FuYong Hua on Unsplash

Pardon #3

Pardon me, [friend who shall remain unnamed], for sending your call to voicemail and replying with a text that I was out of town just to read your text back to me saying you just passed me walking down the street. I was “hangry” and on my way to the grocery store and wasn’t feeling social.

Pardon Me…

Well, now that the weight has been lifted, I hope you’ll like me more for my humble apologies and find me to be polite and decent. What do you want to pardon yourself for?

Happy Pardon Day!

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