National Son’s and Daughter’s Day is August 11th

by Hearts News

Ever heard of National Son’s and Daughter’s Day? I sure hadn’t but I’m putting it in the calendar! What’s even more cool about this day is that it’s not a day for fancy gifts but rather the gift of time. Time – it’s that thing you can spend but can’t buy.

A Day for Everyone

If you’re prompted to celebrate a holiday that encourages you to appreciate someone special to you, even when you know you should be doing it every day, take advantage of it and do it!

Finding this holiday was especially exciting because it’s uniquely a day with which EVERYONE can identify as you’re either one or the other.

Let’s Celebrate

Photo Credit - unsplash-logoJude Beck

Research hasn’t found the creator or even the origin of this day but it’s undeniably worth celebrating. If you are a parent, remember to reach out to your kid(s) and thank them for being the reason you can celebrate Mother’s or Father’s Day.

Use #SonsAndDaughtersDay to show a picture of you celebrating!

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