National Let it Go Day

by Hearts News

How great is it that there is actually a national ‘let it go’ day on June 23rd of every year. It’s dedicated to letting go of baggage and hang-ups. It’s a day that reminds you to LET IT GO!

What are you going to intentionally LET GO of that’s not serving a purpose for you anymore? Are you really going to let it go? And if you do, is it going to open up space for something new and beautiful to come in?

Finding Love in Nature Helps to Let it Go

Let’s loop in the ‘finding love in nature’ concept here because being immersed in nature is the perfect way to hear your internal dialog. Then it automatically comes to the forefront when you are in a quiet and peaceful place.

That’s the time when you can become clear on what you need to LET GO of to find happiness.

You Can Let it Go

Whether you have to channel the “Frozen” theme song or take a stroll in a park, figure out a way to identify the things trashing your mojo and LET IT GO!

Check this out: Robert Waldinger – What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness.

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