Like anything else, there are always 2 ways to interpret things….similar to “2 sides of the coin” and a “he said, she said” situation.

The title of this post alone has a triple entendre. You see that? One interpretation is “Hope you like this article, happy reading!” or “I don’t need much physical entertainment, I’m happy reading.” or lastly “Choose your mental state by opting for materials that would be considered positive and happy reading.”.

My intention is to focus on the last meaning.

Happy Reading for Adults

The typical day for a mildly busy person consists of simultaneously juggling 101 different projects that unhealthily nurtures a perpetual fight or flight song and dance. I know I’m not alone!

This is why our reading content is immensely important. Pick up a book or magazine that inspires you to learn, grow then teach. Read something that reminds you of the projects you intentionally can do that you love, makes you happy, inspires you to do/learn more and potentially has a positive impact on your surroundings.

Reading positive and inspirational material will not only relieve stress (the #1 offender of too many illnesses to count), it will gradually train your brain to crave that feeling of happiness and love for happy and helpful knowledge. Now that’s something that is contagious! Let’s run around releasing serotonin together and reconnect with each other!

My book, Hearts, was written for just that purpose. Life has its ups and downs and there’s always 2 ways you can react…you can choose to be bitter or better. There’s always a positive message or meaning with which to walk away. It’s a reminder that if you can pause and be present, you’ll see that love is everywhere and that our sweet Mother Nature tries to show us this especially when we need it the most.

Happy Reading for Kids

Positive, inspirational and happy reading is just as important, if not MORE, for kids. They have a congenital condition called optimism. Inherently, kids have thirst for knowledge and it’s our job to quench those curious minds with content that will instill self-confidence, unmeasurable creativity and society-benefiting values.

Let’s catch these little vulnerable MINI-ME’s in their early developmental learning phase and expose them to nature, a quiet mind to think and to have overwhelming desire to pass it on like a leader.

Just throwing this out there…my book, Hearts for Kids, suggests activities for kids to do and to be present in nature. Let’s get them outside and help them learn how to appreciate nature!

Never Too Much Happy Reading

Photo Credit - unsplash-logoNong Vang

After writing this article then re-reading it, I’m going to take my own advice. I’ll take the time to slow down, smell the fresh flowers and for me, it’s looking for hearts in nature as my proof that love is everywhere that keeps me calm and balanced.

I’m going to drop-kick my phone (not literally) so high up into the sky that I can let my neurotic behavior subside long enough to sufficiently and efficiently remind myself to sprinkle in those little things that inspire me to grow.

I’ve started the book The Little Things written by my buddy Andy Andrews. It talks about sweating the small stuff as sometimes it’s the small stuff that really matters. It’s a must read!

This is my last plug for my books, Hearts and Hearts for Kids, not to increase my sales but to spread my passion for living an inspired life full of love and happiness. I’ve found my happy and I challenge you to find your happy!

Signing off,
Your loving and happy friend ~ Jenny Lynne

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