It was a normal busy Saturday for our family and we were going out to eat lunch between our daughter’s volleyball games. Being that she was with the team she was unable to join us. But truth be told, she probably wouldn’t have anyway because, well… she’s way too cool for us now.

So my husband and my two sons and I went to eat. After lunch, we were walking out to the parking lot and my youngest son was yelling at my husband to close the truck door on my side because he wanted to open it for me. Meanwhile, my oldest son was calling my name behind me. In true mom fashion I turned around with the “WHAT?” look only to find him holding up a leaf that was shaped like a heart. He had found it and wanted to give it to me.

Talk about making a mom feel so loved between the two of them at that moment. I know that for me (and I believe a million other parents) we are always second-guessing if we are doing anything right as parents. Then God gives your child a heart-shaped leaf to show you that you’re doing ok by them.

Later in the day, I went to pick up my daughter and when we got back, my husband had been so sweet and had put the leaf in a frame for me. I keep it at work as a constant reminder that I am loved.


~ story and picture by Amanda Allen

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