Discover Hearts All Around – Book Intro Videos

by Hearts News

How many times a day do you come across natural or accidental hearts? Do you see abstract patterns left on the concrete after an afternoon rainstorm? Does your gaze go towards the contrasting white and blue in the sky? Whatever it is, and wherever you find it, hearts are truly everywhere. Why is that? Because of what they represent – LOVE!

Inspired by Hearts

I wrote Hearts and Hearts for Kids, as a reminder that nature’s hearts are everywhere. Are you seeing them? Open your mind and your heart will follow. Make it a habit to look for them. If Mother Nature shows you the universal symbol of love, then she put it there for you to see. Soon you won’t find hearts, they will find you!

These great new videos introduce us to each of my books, giving a great teaser of what it’s like to have them come to life. But trust me, there’s nothing that compares to actually having them in hand. Just like there’s nothing that compares with opening your mind and heart to discover the hearts all around us.

Hearts for Adults

As adults, we forget that we all have one thing in common. It’s to love and be loved. Without a doubt, what the world needs is more love. So be bold and LOVE OUT LOUD!

Hearts for Kids

And hey, let’s not forget that kids are especially great at finding hearts. The imagination of a child makes for great heart-finders and sharers. A heart is one of the first shapes that kids learn to draw and, just like spotting shapes in white fluffy clouds, children have a magical eye for seeing the unlikely in the most likely of places.

Sharing Hearts

Share these videos and put a heart in someone’s path today. You could be the reason they feel uplifted and encouraged or take inspired action on a dream they have.

Guess what? You just experienced having hearts around you. Did you recognize the love?

Where else have you discovered nature’s hearts lately? Where are you when you see them? Where you happy, sad, stressed or content? Attach a meaning to it then take an introspective moment and listen to your heart.

Share the love and send in your heart pictures by contacting me or connecting on social media. You can also tag your images #SharedHeartPic @JennyLynneBooks anytime.

Thank you for being on this journey and mission with me to find love in nature and then spreading it so it grows!

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